At Lighthouse Property Management, we are continuously transforming the way we operate. We are committed to finding ways to be extraordinary and exceed expectations. Our core values exemplify our overall attitude about how business should be conducted.

These core values describe the attitude and characteristics of Lighthouse Property Management and, through an ever-changing environment, remain constant and make us unique. They underline our work, how we interact with each other and those outside of Lighthouse, and describe the strategies we use to accomplish our work. All team members are expected to embrace and carry out these core values so that we can provide a unique, respectful, and rewarding environment for all stakeholders at Lighthouse, including team members, residents, vendors and investors.



At Lighthouse, we strive to be more than ordinary. We are EXTRAordinary. Not only are our actions extraordinary, but so are our people. In everything we do, we attempt to be extraordinary. While there will be instances where we cannot achieve this, the success is in doing the best we can.



We have a lot of great minds working at LPM – and we use them. Our success thrives on collaboration and the collective energy and intelligence of our team. We ask for help. We share knowledge. We share the spotlight. We attempt to build open and honest relationships through communication and empowerment. We recognize those people around us who have contributed to our success. We work as a team.



We always want to do the right thing whether it is acting respectfully to other team members, vendors, and residents or working towards doing our part to save the environment through various initiatives we have in place, such as our 4-Minute Shower Campaign or our Go Green Program. When we’re faced with the question of what to do in any situation, we do the right thing!



We don't procrastinate what can be done today.

We don't put it off. We do it now.



We enjoy working hard. But, more importantly, we try to enjoy every day at LPM. We inspire, challenge, support, value, motivate and enjoy each other.