We know life doesn’t always go as planned—and we want our residents to be protected against the financial strain that comes with unexpected events like a fire or flood. Our Resident Liability Program protects our residents from liability that may incur in the event of accidental damage to your apartment while providing an easy and affordable alternative to satisfy the $100,000 liability requirement of your lease. We also offer a Personal Property Program that covers residents’ belongings in the event of a loss.

Resident Liability Program (RLP)

We have partnered with POPIC, LLC to provide a Resident Liability Program (“RLP”). The RLP is the simplest way to satisfy your lease requirement, it is inexpensive and convenient, and is the preferred method of protection.

By participating in the program, you are covered for accidental damage to the community; however, it's important to note that our Resident Liability Program is not renter's insurance. It helps you stay prepared in the event of accidental damage caused by fire, smoke, water, or backup of sewer or drain. There's no pressure to sign up for our program—we offer it so you can fulfill your lease requirement at a lower cost. 

Your lease requirement to maintain $100,000 of liability insurance will be satisfied.

Personal Property Program (PPP)

We have partnered with Open Market to provide our residents with access to a comprehensive Personal Property Program (“PPP”). Just like the RLP, the personal property fee is paid monthly with your rent.

This program provides our residents with $5,000 of personal contents coverage at a very low cost per month. And, just like the RLP, the Personal Property fee is paid monthly with your rent. The PPP covers all personal contents, such as electronics, furniture, clothing, appliances, etc., and covers against theft, accidental damage, liquid damage, fire, flood, natural disasters, etc. 

This program provides our residents with $5,000 of personal content coverage

As A New Resident

You will be enrolled automatically in our Resident Liability Program through POPIC, LLC, and our Personal Property Program through Open Market.